Why? Well, here's my guess...

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Posted by Pseudo at spider-th062.proxy.aol.com on March 28, 2001 at 18:05:11:

In Reply to: Can anyone get a picture of this? spoilers... posted by Walt Flanagan's Dog on March 28, 2001 at 15:38:50:

I gathered a few things about Brodie from Mallrats. One, he was a slacker, and what many would call a loser or a nerd, but he wasn't. It was all a misconception because he read comics and was lethargic and unemployed. He could care less about anything, especially when not paying attention to his girlfriend then next morning, instead opting to play Sega Genesis hockey. "...but I'm winning 12 to 2...". Correct if I was wrong there. Then, when she breaks up with him, he decided in favor of picking up his weekly stack of comics with T.S. in the mall, rather than worrying about mending the relationship with Rene. When T.S. first came over, he barely seemed to care about her, still cracking jokes, especially when they went to the mall. If you did notice, though...in Brodie's basement, he had more comics in one spacial area than I've ever seen in my life. My theory is, and I use that loosely, is that somehow Brodie left the Tonight Show(which wasn't told HOW in Chasing Amy), and he decided that having been a slacker all of his life, his money was tight, and he was unemployed. So, he decided to take his myriad of comics, and open up a shop. That's probably where we'll see Brodie in J&SBSB, behind the counter of this shop. Who knows though?

: Why would Brodie have a "stash"? He's not a Stoner... Jay and Bob are...

: : Now before you butt-nuts get all flame happy lemme preface this by saying I haven't read this board in over two motnhs, nor have I recently perused the rest of the site.

: : Having said that...

: : I was just walking by the Secret Stash on Broad St. in lovely downtown Red Bank ( I live about half a block from there...you jealous bastards!) and I noticed that the giant sign of Jay and Silent Bob's lovely mugs over the store was changed. It now says "Brodie's Secret Stash" and has a picture of said Brodie.

: : Is this because some filiming will be done here soon? There was a big plastic transparent sheet over it, and all the signs were taken oout of the window.

: : I guess I coulda walked in and asked Walt about it, but I was in a rush to get to a very important meeting as I am a very important man. Ok, I had to take a mean dump, but still....

: : Wishing I had a DVD player...

: : otis the Kizz-at

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