Why it's good to work in Hollywood...

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Posted by Knight of Ni! at pool0246.cvx9-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net on March 24, 2001 at 01:33:05:

So I work in the movie biz, and Kevin happens to be on a very short list of directors I someday hoped to work on the set of. Seeing as how all the other flicks were shot back east, I figured my chances were slim, but as you all know, they got a whole hell of a lot better with JSBSB. Lo and behold I found myself working the last two weeks of the flick, and all I can say (thanks to the confidentiality agreement!) is that you all are going to shit a brick with laughter when you see it. The script is hilarious, but the unscripted stuff is to die for. I also seriously have to wonder how much fun Kev's going to have with the ratings board over this one.

On a personal note: Kevin, Scott, and Jason, thanks so much for signing my DVDs (I told you all it was good to work in Hollywood!). You could have given me grief over bugging you all for something so trite while on the job, but you didn't and now I'm a happy little film geek.

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