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Posted by carlo marx at on March 23, 2001 at 22:44:22:

In Reply to: I just saw Almost Famous posted by Piscez on March 23, 2001 at 22:19:09:

: It was great. Should have been longer- more stuff with the band.

i wouldn't have minded if it were a little longer either. but the movie wasn't really about the band to begin with. i think any more "band" scenes, & it would have come off looking like a vh-1 rockumentary. as much as i wanted the film to just keep going, in the end, i'm glad it didn't.

: Lee had enough screentime finally, but it still could have been more.

he certainly could have used a bit more screen time, yeah. at least as far as i'm concerned. like kevin spacey or sam jackson or anthony hopkins, he has a strong screen presence.

:I actually think he would have been better as Russel. Not that he wasn't great as Jeff Bebe, or that Crudup wasn't great. Lee would have just had more screen time as Russel.

i wouldn't go quite that far. i think lee was a much better jeff bebe than crudup would have been, & crudup was a much better russell hammond than lee would have been. just my opinion.

: I think the Oscars are crap. Kate Hudson was good... but not the best actor in the movie!, IMHO. Crudup, Lee and Fugit were fantastic. She only got nominated because she's hot.

i thought she was brilliant. she deserves the nomination.

: Damn good flick.


: BTW, when I rented it, I had to pay 20 bucks in late fees for some crappy Wesley Snipes film my friend made me rent. So this movie cost me 25 bucks. But it was worth it.

i dunno. for that much, you could have *bought* it in either vhs or dvd format.

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