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Posted by TravisBickle at on March 23, 2001 at 16:49:20:

In Reply to: Did Matt and Ben... posted by Smoles on March 23, 2001 at 16:41:44:

: anally rape your mother while pouring sugar in your gas tank?

: I think most of the people here are fans, so why argue with them. The only point I can see is to make sure you smear Ben and Matt's names. I'm sure their worried about your vicious assaults. So you must just be flaming. I don't give a shit either way, but if the Goldman guy isn't complaining, I doubt you should have a problem. I just think you can find better ways to flame on this board. I'm happy you know one of Matt Damon's ex's or sisters or whatever.

I can't believe it took this long for one of the morons that dominate this board so often to resort to that... Smearing???? I said I was a fan, and I am. And if I was to smear, do you think I would do it on this freaking place? A board with about six people who aren't total wastes, and the rest a bunch of 14 year old kissasses for Kevin and all people he has ever known or mentioned? What vicious assaults? Nothing vicious about them. I'm only asking for opinions. And congratulations on your genius effort to work in anal sex. Wow, I bet you're a writer too, huh. How's that script coming? As for who I know... you can take it as boasting if you want, it's not. I'm not playing holier than thou just because I work on film sets. Thanks for adding nothing at all, and also nice job on goading me when I said I would not be goaded. I am what I despise.

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