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Posted by Isis at on March 23, 2001 at 14:09:40:

In Reply to: Chasing Amy Continuity posted by keithyweithy on March 23, 2001 at 02:39:50:

: First, the green flannel shirt. Holden seems to wear it through about 1/4 of the movie... over a brown collar-less pull over... It first appears (At least when I noticed it) in the train station when he's dumping banky. Then it re-appears in the cake scene... And then when he's in the fight with Allysa at the ice rink.

Answer: Holden is a man in his late-20's, self-employed in a semi-artistic, semi-nerdy line of work. In other words, Holden is a slob, and has only been in fashion during that brief and lamentable period of October 1993, when the "grunge look" hit the Paris runways.

: Second, I must ask how does the girl Allysa is eating out at the Senior formal release the parking brake when she's in the back seat of the station wagon?

Easy...old station wagons have crickety gears (that's the precise automotive term I believe), it's very easy to knock the parking brake down just by hitting it hard. Now, I wouldn't know from personal experience, but considering Alyssa's position was half-in, half-out of the car and kneeling on the ground, I imagine the other girl was sprawled in the other half of the back seat with one leg hooked over the back seat, or propped on the ceiling and one through the gap between the front seats, extending into the driver's bucket seat. At the crucial moment, her right leg spasmed, shooting straight out from the hip and knocking the brake down.

: Third, When Silent Bob is telling the "Chasing Amy" story at the dinner. Jay claims to never of heard anything about "Amy". After Silent Bob impart's his wisdom to Holden and they are walking out of the dinner, Jay say's as they walk towards the door "Why do you always have to tell that gay story?"... Implying that he has heard it before.

Answer: Jay smokes a lot of weed and it has damaged his short-term memory. However, like most stoners, he can recall things once reminded.

-- Isis

: No big deal... I'm sure there points that others have mentioned but observations that I just noticed this time around.

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