Re: The "Matt & Ben" didn't write 'Good Will' thing

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Posted by TravisBickle at on March 23, 2001 at 13:25:00:

In Reply to: Re: The "Matt & Ben" didn't write 'Good Will' thing posted by Dead_By_Dawn on March 23, 2001 at 12:56:11:

: the "guy" i was reffering to was Goldman i think

: : It HAS been addressed!!!! Many fucking times. They wrote it. Some guy helped them in thier third revision and then later joked about it saying he wrote the script. He has since appologized and retracted his statements saying he was only joking. was a good movie...does it really fucking matter?

: : Dead_By_Dawn
: : and your father reeked of Eldeberry....

: :
: : : Especially the VA employees... but everyone else as well.... what do you all think of this whole thing? I know it's old news, but I didn't see it the archives. I know everyone here has to know the story. Does it not bother any of you at all? I like them both... I just think it's weird that niether has chosen to address the question.

No... it is a well known fact that Goldman did a rewrite. Of course they denied it at first. But enough time has passed now where they should be accountable when someone asks them to explain the writing process they had. Affleck just a week ago skimmed over the truth on 'Inside the Actors Studio.' He didn't even mention it. It's time.

You can all try to goad me as much as you want. I was hoping for some intellegent civilized exchanges about this. Silly me.

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