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Posted by Michael Raben at on March 23, 2001 at 02:29:40:

In Reply to: Permission to show VA posters in my movie posted by jeff c on March 23, 2001 at 01:38:05:

: I'm an independent filmmaker in Indianapolis set to make my first feature this summer. I've got all of the View Askew movie posters as well as the Jay and Silent Bob blueprints from Mallrats and I was wondering if I could have permission to show these in the background in some of the scenes.

View Askew isn't the company that could provide the permission you need, because VA doesn't own the films. This falls into a tricky legal area, because the likeliest outcome of your project is that nothing happens with it (sorry, but I'm being realistic - the numbers ARE against you), so legal concerns aren't *really* an issue. However, if you end up going to festivals or seeking distribution, it would become a BIG issue if you didn't have the permission to show these COPYRIGHTED images and media work.

What it really comes down to is MONEY. If nobody makes any money in this process, a lawsuit is silly and impractical. If, however, anyone makes money (like say a festival that you're showing at, or a distribution company) then everything turns into a potential lawsuit jackpot.

The bottom line: If you're just doing this for fun, without much concern for any sort of professional showcasing or distribution, then knock yourself out and do whatever you want. IF you're going to put this project together and really "go for it", you MUST consider the potential legal ramifications of these moves. So either get the legal permissions (from Miramax, Gramercy, etc.) or don't do it.

Michael Raben

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