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Posted by keithyweithy at on March 22, 2001 at 19:54:23:

In Reply to: Oh other movies, i am a retard nt posted by Chino on March 22, 2001 at 16:12:26:

Thanks for the run down on the ViewAskew... I recognized a lot of them in the other kev-flicks and noticed that once an actor is cast by Kevin they seem to work for life as long as Kevin makes movies... Which I think is pretty cool about the ViewAskew universe. What I was curious about was non-viewaskew movies, particularly in relationship to the actors that play Randal & Dante. Has either of them been any many non-kev flicks... After the success of Clerks I was waiting to see those guys in more "main stream" stuff but have yet to see either of them in something not done by kevin.

On a side note.... I've saw Afflick & Joey in a small budget called "dazed & confused" around the same time Clerks came out... Ben looks different in that movie too I don't know if he just lost weight or something else (surgey?)...

: : Well,
: : Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith are obviously in all of the movies. Brian O'Halloran has been in all of the movies. The guy who played Rick Derris (Ernie O'donnell I beleive) was in Chasing Amy, The manualy masturbate animals lady is Kevin's sister, who was at the end of Chasing Amy. Oh yeah and Walt Flanagan was also in Mallrats and Dogma and is going to be in JASBSB. Jeff Anderson (Randal) was also in Dogma, Clerks TAS, and is going to be in the new one. Did I miss anybody?
: : So there you go, a lot of the actors from Clerks have been in the others.

: : --Chino
: : "I am a wealth of useless knowledge"

: : : How did Kevin find the cast for Clerks? I've read through the summary for the movie but never found the answer. I saw he was on a shoe string budget so were they friends? Actors willing to work for free? And I've never seen any of that cast in anything other than Kevin's movies or did I miss them in something...

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