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Posted by AdamE at on March 19, 2001 at 15:44:20:

fucking, christ.

Lynch-man i dunno what to say. i mean, fuck. do you know what i'm scared of? i'm scared that you might take what a few of these dickheads on the board have to say, to incompus the rest of us. Dont. i love your posts, i love what you have to say, some dont. good. then to them, i say "stop reading his posts". Lynch, all though sarcastic and filled with plans of evil has never been anything but great to us. Kevin Smith fans. View Askew Fans, whatever man. Him, Vince and Malcome. all here to share with us, as we are with them. you dont like, then dont read em, and shut the fuck up about it all. i hate ranting, but i'm reading down there, a brother getting bashed left and right over a fucking watch. what? you dont think he would send it to you? e-mail, the man in private then. keep it off the board. no need to resort to person attacks on a public message board. i dunno, maybe i'm being retarded, but i dont like seeing Lynch getting this serveing of disrespect.

Lynch, all i gotta say is please keep posting them. in light of the board and all - i'll keep reading them, if you keep writting them.

best of luck, buddy.


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