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Posted by Smokenmonkey at on March 22, 2001 at 02:17:53:

While I myself have no desire to be in a movie, I have a check that's about to do an Oscar winning performance of a super ball after buying the Clerk's cartoon on DVD tonight. For the record, when the show aired, I was viewer number six.
I digress. I watched it first with the commentary on. I usually do when I buy VA movies. It's about the only dialog that I want to know more about. No ass kissing, it's like sitting in the room with the fella's watching the show. But not in a creepy Affleck's 5 feet away kind of way.
Anyway, while listening to the crew, I heard Clerk's was originally supposed to be on UPN. If there's a network dying for shows more than them it would be called the WB, errr, I mean, I'd like to see it.
Back to the check. 24.99 I think. Almost all I have left for the week. Truth is I'm kinda sick of that. Hey we've all been there. NOT VIEW ASKEW, but I think I'm ready to stop writing for me and try to get something out there. Money, impatience, tired of being afraid whatever, but I live in Cleveland OH. Agent's are not falling out of people's pocket's here and the best way to Hollywood is in my cable box. So here's the question for anyone with more of a clue than me. Which is most.
How would I submit a show to UPN? It's kinda specific for that network, (You can laugh and scratch your head in whatever order you see fit). I'll never be able to find that kinda thing out here. The way I see it, maybe I can bribe you for an answer. Perhaps you'll feel kind because I tell you I own all your DVD's. Maybe you'll feel a bit touched that my money helped buy you a can of Sprite one day. Maybe, not likely, but maybe you'll even feel I've earned it for defending AND making my friends watch Mallrats. If none of that works I shall be forced to blatantly pull heart strings and say;
"Kevin Smith was my John Hughes on Friday nights".
Either way, I don't know where else to go to find that kind of thing out. Could some help me out? Thanks.
Movies? Money? Fame? NO! I am not jealous of that.
Getting into Madden 2001?
Damn you to Hell Mewes!

Damn you to Hell!

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