Can you please learn to read more carefully??

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Posted by Walt Flanagan's Dog at on March 21, 2001 at 14:28:41:

In Reply to: Whatever, Poser posted by TangoMania on March 21, 2001 at 14:11:44:

First off, Happy Birthday. (Funny, mine's coming up in 9 days)

Second, I have no beef with you. Sad that you are looking for a fight on your birthday. I have no fucking clue who your are(Yes, I've seen you on this board, but I see a lot of people on this board and don't know who they are either) or why I should care what you think or say.

Third, I can send mail to Garth using another name if you have been using that one. I thought since I have been using THAT name here why not use it there. I've never seen it on Darkhorizons and Garth didn't tell me that he knew of one. (I never claimed to know him personally. but he does respond when I send him a small tip)

Fourth, Which Psycho did you review? (I assume the remake with Vince V. Do you have a link to that review?)

: : (If you hate me so much why use that name? I have been Walt Flanagan's Dog for a while now, this is the first time you mention something?)

: Use YOUR name? Look, Kevin created it. YOU stole it from fucking him. I didn't steal shit from you. Just because we both have the same name other places doesn't mean I stole it from you. I don't care..

I said why use "THAT name". and I never said anything about you stealing anything. I also never claimed to be the creator of that name. I credit that with Walt's Mom and the person who came up with the word "Dog"

If you want to keep up this "Hating" me thing, fine. If you are really upset about me using that name on darkhorizons, perhaps you could ask me to stop, I don't have to submit things to an Austrailian Movie Fan page with any certain name. I can use "croooow" or whatever else. It doesn't matter to me (I used the name "Nick" before)

I did say in my original post "...this is silly" But now it's just stupid and a huge waste of time.

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