Malcolm, a question regarding Drawing Flies...

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Posted by TheEasterBunny at on March 21, 2001 at 08:43:13:

I don't know, I was just wondering this. Drawing Flies? I saw the movie at the first Vulgarthon. I dug it. I saw Tail Lights Fade, I absolutely loved it. But why call the flick drawing flies? I mean, the only thing I can think of that draws flies is shit. Rotting, decaying shit. Is the title your way of branding your own flick shit? Cause in my humble little opinion, the movie wasn't shit. It was most definately an experiance. But definately not shit. It's like, bad Karma or something. Makes it too easy for nay sayers, ya know?

Nay Sayer: Wow, that movie was totally shit. I can see why it's called drawing flies. It draws flies just like a lump of shit.

Nay Sayer's Mindless giggling idiot friend: Yeah, it was shit. Huh-huh.

I mean, I was just wondering. Cause it has been a while since I saw it, as stated before, the original Vulgarthon, and I can't remember if the title has anything to do with what goes on in the movie. I remember J-Lee (not J-Lo) goes to live among the Bigfoot men or something to that effect. I am guessing since he ended up living a mountain man, or Sasquatchian life, he started to funk out, smelling pretty awful, like shit, hence Drawing Flies? Am I close? Did I answer my own question?

Anyway, if you find the time. Give me an answer. Damn it, now I want to see Tail Lights Fade again.

You have anything else you working on?

(To anyone who says "Read the Summaries", kiss my ass. I don't feel like mulling through hours of useless shit to find one answer that I seek. Hasn't anyone else noticed that the longest strings of post on this fucking board are the ones that are off topic? Maybe that has something to do with the fact that that shit is more interesting right now since there isn't much else left that could be considered on topic that hasn't been covered a million times and is now safely tucked away in the world of the elusive "Summaries?" My god. It takes the same amount of effort to answer a post as it does to post "This post is not on topic, please read the summaries". Good christ. Wah Wah Wah. Answer the post, answer the post. What is left to talk about that is on topic that is halfway interesting? and that isn't in the fucking summaries? Hmmm, maybe what color socks Kevin is wearing? Or what he has for breakfast ever second tuesday of every third month after a leap year? Summarize this!!!!)

Oh shit, I went off on a rant. Damn me. No wonder I didn't get that postal carrier job.

Anyway, Malcom, if you could answer my question I would appreciate it. Skip over the rant. Oh look at me. I tell you to skip over the rant after said rant. Chances are, if you got up to the point where I told you not to read the rant, you probably already read it didn't ya? Unless you have something against words in parenthesis. Oh well. Anyway, Love the flicks Malcolm. Just, why drawing flies as a title?

useless quote that usually only poster of said quote knows where it is from and written only to make said poster feel more important than everyone else.

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