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Posted by Isis at on March 20, 2001 at 17:21:31:

In Reply to: Kevin stole my bike and I want it back! posted by AllentownMike on March 19, 2001 at 23:33:51:

Whiner indeed...why don't ya open up a vineyard. I mean, come on. It's not enough that you clog our lives up with your dang Mickey Mouse sob story, implying that Brian is for some reason withholding this important item for you out of sheer spite and advertise personal information about him on the board (and details aren't important; if I said "Allentown Mike has a mysterious medical problem which I won't go into here" it would still be a breach of confidence even if I didn't divulge the specifics of your genital warts or whatever) but now you expect him not to be pissed? You expect autographs and fan treatment? That's BALLS, brother, that's a sack full of sperm right there.

You'll get your damn watch back, and it will be merely because Lynch had the courtesy to hold on to it this long and send it to you. Most of the time when someone loses an item of importance that's IT, and it is certainly not someone else's responsibility to find and return it. I think it was absolutely shitty of you to imply that Brian's busy schedule was causing you emotional turmoil when it was YOUR carelessness that caused this situation in the first place.

Now I would kindly appreciate it if you would shut the fuck up about the watch already. We all know what time it is.

-- Isis

: Holy christ! Um Lynch are you mad? I honestly thought you would have had tougher skin. To those who "supported me" thanks, but I think some of you took it a little to far. To those who think I'm a whiner, oh well, figured as much. To the jokesters, some pretty funy stuff. To Brian, sorry it went this way, would have appreciated a response to the emails though. How can you blame me? I did not go into details about your family. I think thats what must have pissed you off the most. So anyway sorry to calls all this mess. But hell made the board a little interesting for awhile. Hey Bian, when BHD comes out on video can I send it to you so you can sign it?

: -Mike the whiner

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