Fuckin' Carson Daley.....

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Posted by The Immortal Grimace at dialupd98.farg.uswest.net on March 20, 2001 at 00:16:43:

In Reply to: Kevin stole my bike and I want it back! posted by AllentownMike on March 19, 2001 at 23:33:51:

I need to actually break this message down, so follow the path to the one you are supposed to read.

A. Your name is Brian Lynch, and when you post here it shows up in Red.
B. Your name is Mike, and you whine a lot.
C. Your name is Mike, and you simply want to make a point.
D. Your name is Vincent, and when you post here it shows up on Red.
E. Your name is The Immortal Grimmace.

Remember. Please read only the reply that pertains to you. No peeking.

A. Mr. Lynch. I want my urn back. I looked up those words, and I am not impressed. My dad on the other hand laughs every time I say douche bag.

B. Stop whining. You're stupid. And gay. And stupid. Nobody cares what happened. Start your own webboard where you bitch about Brian Lynch.

C. It impresses me, that you have the sack to come back, and post again. When I eventually post something that causes an uproar like yours did, I'll probably stop coming to the board. And if I did come back to the board it would be under a different name. I'm glad you're getting your watch back. *

D. What do you do for a living? I know you've directed a movie (I'm not sure if you wrote it... I'll go to the summaries to check), but what do you do when you're not behind the camera? Do you work at a store or something like that? Me? I work at a bank during the day, and at night I write screenplays (Who doesn't). I'm just curious, because I see your posts at all hours of the day.

E. You have a lot of time on your hands, and because of that you are not very funny. You need to get a girlfriend (HEY!), and move out of your parents basement. You smelly loser.

*P.S. If you still have Lynch's e-mail, see if you can get my father's urn back. Just send him a little reminder note. He has my address.

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