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Posted by Miracleman at 1cust164.tnt7.san-fernando.ca.da.uu.net on March 19, 2001 at 23:43:54:

In Reply to: This is his story from the last board: posted by TKD27 on March 19, 2001 at 13:16:19:

Let's consider something else for a second:

Mike, whatever else you are...you are a LUCKY SON OF A BITCH!!

You lost an "important heirloom" or whatnot. And...someone...someone who not only has no time for this because of personal stuff, but has no time for this because he's a FUCKIN' HARD WORKING PROFESSIONAL had the good grace to not only send it back to you...but PICK IT UP IN THE FIRST PLACE!

See, to me, that indicates that Lynch is a decent human being. Most people, and I'm ashamed to admit, myself included, would just say "hunh. A watch. Somebody's gonna be fuckin' pissed." and wander away whistling a happy tune, instantly forgetting about the sad, stupid fucker who lost his watch. But no...Lynch grabs it. When asked, goes to the trouble of actually owning up and trying to send it back rather than the normal response of "fuck him. I ain't got the time."

But it's not quick enough for you, oh no...so you piss and moan about it and post it on a public board. Which shows that, not only are you (as others have pointed out) a whiny little bitch, but actually have the delusional self-aggrandizement to think that anybody who reads this actually fucking cares about your Mickey...Mouse...watch!!

For the sake of your loved ones, your friends, the public at large, I would recommend chopping off your own fingers and tearing out your own larynx. Really, it's serving the public good. If you can't recognize gracious well meaning behavior from a complete stranger, then at least you won't bother anyone else by petulantly wheezing about it on a public board.

Where I come from you would have at least been mocked. Probably stoned (and not in that cool ganja way...in the Biblical "let's hit him with rocks until he dies" way).



: I figured I'd repost this for him:

: So heres a story for everyone to read. I didn't plan on posting it here but after everything that went down I decided to. Way back when the Vulgarthon was going on my wife and I made the trek to Red Bank. It was alot of fun but I had lost my watch outside the theatre. I was upset because this was a watch given to me by a loved one who is no longer here. Something that reminded me of her everyday. So I thought maybe someone would have found it and posted a message on the board. Kevin responded that Malcolm had it and I should email him. So I emailed Malcolm he responded rather quickly to let me know he gave it to Brian Lynch. Okay. So I then emailed Brian. He responded that he would send it to me, all I had to do was give him my address. Great I thought. I would even send him a check when I got the watch to cover shipping and to thank him. Week went by no watch. So I emailed him again. He apologized and said some family issues came up (which I wont get into here) and he promised he would send it out at the end of the week. Okay. week passes by, two weeks pass by. So I send him an email again. This time he responds, snippy and says its not his first priority. He also promises again to send it out at the end of the week. I respond telling hijm I understand and that I went through a similar situation with my family. So I wait a month. No watch. Send several emails, no responses. Wait a few more weeks. He goes off to Cali.When he gets back he sends me an email saying how sorry he is and that he should have sent it out as soon as he could, said it was a shitty excuse but it is an excuse and he is sorry. I had asked him in my email for his address so that I could send him a self addressed envelope so all he had to do was drop the watch in it and stop at any mailbox and put it in. making it very simple. he thought this was a good idea, gave me his address and said he hoped to make it up to me. So the nest day i send out the envelope, I put it in a large box and throw in some Limited edition Disney Lithographs for him to say thanks. Wait a week, then another. Realize he is in Cali again. Its his job so I understand. Send him an email to let me know if he got the package and to let me know when he gets back. He gets back, does not respond. I wait a few days, no response. Send off another email, asking him to respond to tell me whats up, or should I call him. Boom I get a response that says he mailed it out the past Fri. guesses I didnt get it yet. So I wait and wait and now its been like three weeks. He still wont respond to my emails. I wanted to know did he send it out? Did he ask someone else and they forgot? Did he just say the hell with this and threw it out? Or was he just jerking me around? At this point I know I will never get it back. After letting all of you know about this I am almost positive I wont. So I am out a watch, no big deal not that I have any money to buy a new one. The thing that hrts the most is what the watch represented for me. Okay let the flamming begin.
: -Mike


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