Gwyneth, Linda & what Kevin's momma thinks...

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Posted by Isis at on March 19, 2001 at 23:01:00:

In Reply to: Re: My guess is there was pressure from the studio... posted by VinnyM27 on March 19, 2001 at 21:36:24:

I didn't mean that Linda didn't do a good job; I think she's a fine actress and all, and I definitely don't think Gwyneth would have been right for the part (although she's an accomplished thespian herself, but the character needed to be more mature, world-weary, etc...not necessarily shiny happy young Gwynnie's thing, tho' she might have pulled it off). What I meant was that it seems Linda didn't enjoy working with Kevin too much (pissed off at his line readings, basically) and they've mildly slagged each other in public forums since. What I meant was maybe the endeavor would have been easier for everyone with a different actress.

As for Kevin's momma, I really don't know and that's a good question. My guess is she's Catholic and probably doesn't feel fantastic about the movies, but then again she IS the woman who raised this hellion upstart filmmaker and his "artificially inseminating caged animals" sister. So she can't be too close-minded.

-- Isis

: I thought Linda was great in the part of Bethany. Why would it had been a good idea to have Gwenyth instead? I mean, the movie wasn't some kind of bomb and the acting was great. Also, I kind of wonder what Kevin's mother felt about the other films too. I just saw "Mallrats" the other day (on budget video, but I will get the DVD soon) and I forgot how funny it was.

: : But that it really didn't have much ultimate effect on the casting of the movie. For example, I heard a rumor (couldn't say how valid) that the studio heads were really pushing for Gwyneth to be Bethany, whereas Smitty & co. sold them on the idea of Linda Fiorentino (possibly an unfortunate choice in the end, but c'est la vie). Matt & Ben both wanted to be in the movie and took paycuts to do it, I believe. I think Chris Rock had a development deal with Miramax and they were trying to get him to do some action flick with Lil' Kim or something ridiculous, but he was a "Chasing Amy" fan and asked to be included in Smitty's next project. I can't imagine anyone else as Metatron other than Alan Rickman, and the part seems like it was written for him so I'm assuming Smitty had him in mind.

: : Salma's the one I can think of who was added for name value, but who knows? Kevin may have had her in mind for the part as well.

: : -- Isis
: : Lettin' my freak flag fly

: : : kevin - i'd like to ask about the casting process, particularly the differences between casting for, say, "clerks," as opposed to "dogma."
: : : casting for the former, i assume you made all the decisions. but for the latter, was there pressure from the studio to cast certain individuals that you probably would have passed on? or, do you in fact retain final casting decisions for all of your films?

: : : secondly, is there a particular actor or actress w/whom you'd like to work
: : : that you haven't worked w/previously? & if so, who?

: : : lastly, i read your mother's reaction to "clerks" after you screened it for her, which was: "why did you waste money on that garbage?" - or something similar. just curious to know what she thought of "mallrats," "chasing amy," & "dogma."

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