"Exit Wounds" is number 1!?

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Posted by VinnyM27 at ppp18.libcoop.net on March 19, 2001 at 21:27:56:

Kind of makes me fear leaving my house when I hear that Kung Fu loser has the number 1 movie in America. I have no idea what the gross is, but this definately proves that it means nothing to have the number 1 movie in America or anywhere else. It's about the quality. I know this seems off topic (and it indeed is) but I really felt this distrubing fact needed to be brought to the attention of you good people. Also, here are two posts which discuss the merits of small movies and big movies. One is mine (and I kind of have to eat my words in it). I know, I'm an attention whore. I would just like to hear other people's habits when it comes to seeing films.

I think if Segal was ever guaranteed money, it had to have been around 1990. I think some of his stuff prior to this was straight to video (not that there is anything wrong with that). In fact, I really haven't heard that much shit about this movie until I come on to this board and I watch a lot of fucking TV!

Also, I'm going to put on my list of people in the universe that have seen "3000 miles to Graceland". So far. I think you are the only one. I do see your point. I would hope that movies like "3000.." would makes people think twice about going to any action movie. Read a fucking review, although those bastards are good at nothing but being snippy! I remember in 1996 when a ton of small movies got nominated for Oscars and people went nuts! While indie yet "epic" piece of shit "English Patient" won, the year yielded one of my favorite films ever. It was this sweet little chick flick with British accents called "Secrets and Lies". It was really cleaver, funny and just simple. It proves that movies with stories are not bad things at all.

: Because the Segal movie is garunteed money while the independant movies cater to a specific group of people: hence their release in arthouses.

: Independant does not equal quality. Someone on here once said there were a shitload of independant movies you haven't seen that suck. The ones you've seen have been good. And that's why you saw them. Because they were good.

: I mean, okay. Cecil B. Demented was a good movie. I loved it. But I saw it an arthouse. Now do you think the average moviegoer would spent 7.50 to see that? No.

: AVERAGE MOVIEGOER: "I can pay 8 bucks and go watch guys talk about relationships and think during the movie or I can pay 8 bucks and watch shit blow up. Hmmmm."

: That's how I am sometimes. That's why I saw 3000 Miles to Graceland as opposed to Chocolat. I mean, I'm sure Chocolat was the better movie, but fuck. I was entertained during 3000 Miles.

: For more insight, see Jay's monologue in issue 1 of the Jay and Silent Bob comic book series. That pretty much sums it up.

: Although Shadow of the Vampire should have gotten a 2800 screen release. That movie was fucking great.

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