For fuck's sake,Franco.

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Posted by MickCollins. at on March 19, 2001 at 21:13:59:

In Reply to: You're so cool.... posted by Abdul Rassa on March 19, 2001 at 16:33:18:

: If you couldn't handle the responsibilities of being in posession of the watch, then why did you accept the watch from Malcolm?::

Responsibility of being in possession of the watch? When did you leave reality and forget that its a fucking watch,not a baby. So what,it has sentimentality,its not like Lynch needed to keep the fucking thing. Screenwriter boy could buy a midget named Mickey to follow him around and act like a sun dial. Allentown Mike,knowing the fucking guys dad had major surgery,should have used some fucking patience. Its not insulin,its not the zapruder films lost 3 frames,its a fucking watch. Blow.

: Mike never complained about the amount of time it was taking to get the watch to him. His complaint was that you refused to respond to his queries when he never received the package, after you (lied) and told him it was in the mail. :::

He stated he thought it was in the mail. And I can see how he'd be raring to get back to the Hotmail account when his dad is pulling a Mr. Orange from Resevoir Dogs.

: I wish, not only, that I had been one of the guys who got to beat you up, but that we had all pee'ed on you afterwards.:::

I wish we can have a big big pahty(As Gheorge Muresan would say) for J&SB strike back and I can write chinese calligraphy on your ribcage with my fingernail.(I can pop 'em like Wolverine). Not only do you insult the guys plight with his pop,you make fun of him being attacked? And then you talk smack over the Internet? Tough fucking wanker. Lets have a StrikeBackAThon and then we'll see who is bought,sold and pissed on ya fucking mook.

-Hoyas in the 16.

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