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Posted by Donatello Donatello at on March 19, 2001 at 19:30:18:

Anyone ever think that some small 'spats' go down between Ming or Toads? You know what I mean, like Toads saying "HEY MING! THE BOARD SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN CLEARED YET! ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?!" and Ming responding with "Yeah, well fuck you. I have power and rule over you as webMASTER! YOU HEAR THAT?! THAT MEANS I AM MASTER OF THE INTERNET!" Or perhaps one day Ming will up and say 'Toads! Dude! Askewbian and me REALLY DID go way back, and you banned him! Now I'm gonna have to kick your ass!" Of which Toads would respond with "He said he screwed my mother! What the hell was I supposed to do?!" Would anyone dismiss the possibility of Kev being brought in as mediator/tiebreaker?

Just a few Random Possibilities.

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