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Posted by BrianLynch at cc31423-b.etntwn1.nj.home.com on March 19, 2001 at 17:20:26:

In Reply to: You're so cool.... posted by Abdul Rassa on March 19, 2001 at 16:33:18:

: If you couldn't handle the responsibilities of being in posession of the watch, then why did you accept the watch from Malcolm?

Malcolm threw it to me, I was talking to someone and put it in my pocket. I was going to mention it at the Q and A, but I forgot.

But wait, why am I defending myself to some ass face hooligan who has nothing better to do then jump in on an argument that he has nothing to do with. Oh yes, because it's fun to poke at retardeds.

: Mike never complained about the amount of time it was taking to get the watch to him. His complaint was that you refused to respond to his queries when he never received the package, after you (lied) and told him it was in the mail.

I lied to him? I (lied) to him? Okay. You are such a dope, Abdul Rassa.

:That is what led him to bring the matter here.

Yes, to Dork Court. Judge Abdul Rassa preciding.

:Mike also didn't bring up the business about your father, you offered that information on your own. What was your motivation behind doing that? If it's pity you're looking for, then look elsewhere.

I was explaining to someone why I hadn't sent out his watch. I felt bad and told him the truth about what had gone on. Didn't want to talk about it here, as it's really no one's business, and I really didn't want anyone making fun of my dad. You can make "I'm glad you were beat up" jokes all you want, but that's personal. So thanks for not doing that, Abdul Rassa.

: I wish, not only, that I had been one of the guys who got to beat you up, but that we had all pee'ed on you afterwards.

Well, then you'd be a drug addict redneck skinhead who also beat up an old lady that night. And you'd be going to jail. But the fact remains you'd have to turn off your computer and go outside to be one of their clan. Good luck, Abdul Rassa, aim high.

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