A quick note on the Dogma S.E. DVD release date...

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Posted by Ghibli-San at frednet-jhn-s-069.students.frednet.uwrf.edu on February 20, 2001 at 22:03:55:

The "new" rumor is April 17th release date....Anyone hear anything? God I hope so, after getting wetting my appetite with the Clerks uncensored DVD set I REALLY can't wait for Dogma S.E., which will be no doubt about it, THE ultimate DVD set, if not for the endlessly entertaining commentary, One way I look at it as "MallRats Commentary: Part 2" because still, the Mallrats commentary stands for me as probably the best of anything I own on DVD, I've listened to it far more times than I can remember, and the Dogma S.E. has the exact same cast commentary as the MallRats commentary. Not that I don't want the DVD for all the rest of the stuff on it too, but you have to admit you are anticipating the new commentary w/Affleck, Lee, and the usual gang with video more than anything else....I know I am....I can only listen to the Mallrats commentary so much. Hell, I've fucking memorized most of the MallRats commentary by now. Please God, don't let Colombia or anyone else fuck around with the Dogma DVD S.E. content.....PLEASE DON'T LET THIS BECOME ANOTHER BATMAN BEYOND type situation......a mystery delay leading to unbelievably crappy censorship..Dear God let it come out soon. Oh well, Big Trouble in Little China 2 disc set in May will also kick ass hell yeah!! BTW, I LOVED the imitations of Director Han on the Clerks Uncensored commentary!! "Something for me to raugh at Chris Bairey!!" HAHAHA goddamn that was funny, AND for the first time the fans really get to see Kevin lash out at someone!! That skinny-mustached laywer is a real bastard!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT! P.S. Malcolm, what the hell is "Lucy you love it" Ok, I guess this wasn't exactly a "quick note" but once I get going, I can't stop. L8er all

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