Not gonna happen: theories on a bad rumor...

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Posted by GuruAskew at on February 20, 2001 at 15:30:33:

In Reply to: Is this info about Dogma SE dvd true posted by SilentBob{a} on February 20, 2001 at 02:37:40:

This is the most obviously fake rumor that I've ever come across in a long time. Not only will I shoot down this rumor in this post, I will go on to dig through the likely origins of this stupid rumor, Indy Jones style:

The main reason? Rights: With 3 distributors holding the home video rights (Buena Vista has Clerks, Chasing Amy, Clerks Uncensored [if there are variations of this stupid rumor containing our beloved cartoon] and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Universal has Mallrats and Columbia Tristar has Dogma) it's not impossible but extremely unlikely. The only two such occasions I can think of where multiple studios have come together to do such a box set are the Oliver Stone and Stanely Kubrick sets. Both of these directors have more appeal and are more highly regarded than Kevin, not to mention that regardless of all the cooperation between studios, there are still movies missing from each box set (Platoon from Stone's and Spartacus, The Killing and the Killer's Kiss missing from Kubrick's). The final blow to this argument? Kevin has flat-out said that this is the reason that there's no box set, and has offered a View Askew-produced box through Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash to appease the fans.

The other strike against the rumor itsself? If a press conference were held, this wouldn't be just a stupid rumor. It would be a well-known, established fact. The fact of the matter is this: people don't hold press conferences for DVD releases and especially not DVD delays. There are often press releases for DVD releases, but that again would add some established fact to the fray. The delays happen quietly, mostly surfacing through e-tailer delay notices to pre-order customers.

The origins of this stupid rumor? I believe the box set rumor was born when the extras were in LA for "J&SBSb". In one of News Askew's extras set report blurbs, it was revealed that a fan heard from some reliable source, I don't doubt the validity of this particular aspect, that the Dogma SE delay would not be cleared up until Kevin was done with "J&SBSB". Vincent later elaborated that Kevin simply didn't have the time to make the calls that were needed to get the SE back on track, but before said elaboration occured, some douchebag thought "The Dogma Special Edition doesn't come out until Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is out on video, so the holdup must be BOX SET MADNESS!" So no, there will not be an ultimate View Askew box set. Go to the Stash (linked above the main board page) and buy the VA-produced box set, because that's the closest you're gonna get.

: Apologise in advance for yet another dogma se dvd question

: I read this rumour and was just wondering if it was at all true(damn i really really hope not)

: Kevin Smith was in a press conference over the eminent hold back for Dogma
: Special Edition dvd, According to Smith the release has been held back until an arrangement of a box set (6 DVDs). 4 different companies hold the rights to the Kevin Smith Series and negotiations are underway to make the box set a realilty. We may not see the Dogma Special Edition until the 5th Movie comes out. He said if negotiations are sucessful all 5 movies will be available for a collectors edition dvd boxset. Smith said he will love to see his masterpiece New Jersey Series as a collectors box set.

: The Box Set will include (expected release 2002)
: Mallrats
: Clerks
: Chasing Amy
: Dogma
: Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back
: Bonus Disc

: Is that at all true, because it would be a huge shame to have to wait that long for dogam se

: SilentBob{a}

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