Aspireing Film/Video Makers?

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Posted by FizzyFloppyFoo at on February 20, 2001 at 13:05:16:

This question is mainly for Kevin and or Scott (even though I heard he doesn't post much) because they have already proven their credibility. However, other posts are welcome too.

I have searched the internet over and have yet to find useful links on how to/ how other people got started. I have read little snibletts of college this and writing that but have yet to find a concrete answer to the lingering question... How did you get started?
Maybe I am being a little vague... I will explain by explaining my situation.

I am 17 (18 in April) I am a month short of graduating and having high school behind me. The thought of the future brings lots of questions and uncertainties. However, one of the certainties in my life at the current moment is this: I am a creative person.
In high school, I took a couple years of broadcast journalism. There I learned the basics of video camera opperation. Basic video theory. Basic editing. Rule of thirds and all that. The most important thing that I learned there was how to turn my creative abilities into video's. Partially because of my love of music (I have been playng guitar for 6 years) and partially because of my short attention span, the best products I have been able to turn out were music videos. There is just something relaxing to me about taking a song I like and maping it out by time and then fitting sceens to go with the lyrics/music.

All of that said, my question is this... Where can I go from here. I was considering technical school as a possibility but have no idea where to look for one. The guidance counselors are good when it comes to standard carrers, advertising, doctor, lawyer, that type of thing. But when it comes to the creative arts, they are clueless.

Another question is this... I have a lot of great ideas for short videos. This sceen, that sceen, but have yet to find a way to incorperate them all. I would like to make a feature length movie but am having trouble staying focused long enough to write anything longer than 5 or 10 minute skits.

To sum up...
Are there any carrers for music video writers/editors?

Does anyone have any suggegstions on how to turn 10 minute skits into
feature lenght movies?

Where does one go to start out as an "indie film maker"?

What entry level jobs are there and what are the pre-requisites?

Thanks for yall's time and any constructive response would be appreciated.
I will check back on the board but feel free to e-mail me as well. (==that is not a joke it's my real e-mail address.

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