Clerks DVD and what I did during a Psych Lecture..

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Posted by Not So Somber at on February 20, 2001 at 11:55:35:

Earlier this morning, I couldn't get my mind off of wanting my Conditioing and Learning class to end so I could go pick up my Clerks Cartoon dvd. I ended up making a list of all the Askew stuff I own in order to pass the time. Now that I look at the list, I find it shocking that I'm not still a virgin. Anyway, I figured I'd share the list with you all so everyone can have a good laugh about how far I've taken this little obsession of mine.

Snoogans cap

Chasing Amy film frames

Jay and Silent Bob action figures
Jay and Silent Bob action figures - semi PC versions

Jay and Silent Bob canvass bag

Chasing Amy posters - US theatrical, British theatrical, British couch poster, Austrailan theatrical, Italian theatrical
Clerks poster
Mallrats poster
Dogma posters - US, British, and Prophets-mini
Vulgar poster
A Better Place miniposter
Chasing Amy Japanese flyer

Jay and Silent Bob miniseries, all issues
Talk magazine Clerks comic
Chasing Amy Japanese comic
Chasing Dogma hardcover
Oni Double Feature #1 & 13
Clerks comic - all issues and trade
Daredevil #1/2 thru 8 and trade

Chasing Amy videos - US, British, and German
Clerks videos - US and British
Mallrats video
Mallrats ABC cut
Jay and Silent Bob MTV shorts video
Clerks laserdisc
Chasing Amy laserdisc
Chasing Amy Divx disc
Chasing Amy DVD
Mallrats DVD
Clerks DVD
Dogma DVD - French

Mallrats theater promo button
Stash Bash button
Vulgar Party button

Clerks/ Chasing Amy screenplay book
Mallrats screenplay book
Mallrats screenplay - early draft
Dogma screenplay book - US and British

Clerks soundtrack
Mallrats soundtrack
Chasing Amy soundtrack
Dogma soundtrack

Vulgar hockey jersey
Mooby bowling shirt

Fly Fatass Fly - old version
Vulgarthon (two, one still in the bag, my dad didnt want it at the time)
Vulgarthon 2000
"I'm not even supposed..."
Pressed Ham
Dogma Crew
Dogma poster image
RST video
Stash image with Brodie quote
Highway Infinity
Amy comic cover
Bluntman and Chronic issue 1 image
Clerks: The Comic
Clerks: New Years 1999
Madman lightening bolt shirt

Anyway, I can now add the Clerks cartoon dvd to the list. God, my life is pretty sad... I probably should have paid attention during class, I got a D on the last exam. Oh, if anyone has the German Amy poster or the Clerks hockey jersey, let's talk sale or trade. Later.


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