A warm hello from Peru....

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Posted by The Crow at 1cust64.tnt1.portland.or.da.uu.net on February 15, 2001 at 21:44:10:

First, I want to apologize if my grammar is not perfecto, je, probably not even good, but look's like 10 years studying english wasn't enough. Well I think is polite if I introduce myself, my nickname is El Cuervo (The Crow), and like my subject says, I'm from Peru. Beautiful Country, I suggest you to visited one time, I know your gonna love it.

Well, but if I'm writen here is because for the last 3 months I was thinking what a hell i'm gonna say, maybe something smart, a fucking important topic about what ever, your movies, how amazing the people said you are, and suddenly I saw the light (I wasn't high) and I realize that you are a human being like me and all the other people in godam world.

If you're still reading (and I hope so you are), I just want to say that dont worry, because is not my intention to apear in one of your movies, or ask for work, i'm enough smart and creative to have a job and complete my own goals.

I just want to say thanks for helping me see the obvious, I have 9 moths living in US (portland, Oregon). My first intencion was taken some classes in the university (E-Com) and then come back to Peru with my family, one of the most importants things of my life. My first months here were pretty wild, sex every were, discos, etc. For some reason that I find out later, womans consider me exotic, something totally funny, some body says it's because the accent, because i'm polite, who knows. Then I met these beautiful woman a know she is my wife. We have exactly 2 months, 3 weeks and 6 day's been married, she defenitly complete's me, I prefer to call her my twin soul, remenber "Chasing Amy" (of couse you remenber!!), the only diference between silent Bob and Affleck is that I never gona let her go from me. And even every time, when we talk about that, even now my imagination is totally disturbing just because that simple fact.

The good thing is that my love for her is strong, and because you made me open my eyes, I have to say thanks. Well I don't want to make you feel bored so it's better to say bye now. Maybe other day we can talk about other stuffs like comics, what happen with your movies, how cool is Peru, peruvian mitology (totally Cool)or how know maybe just about been humans beings.

Adios Amigo


PD; please I don't konw how this URLS works exactly but I really prefer to keep this between us. Thanks.

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