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Posted by Beavis at on February 19, 2001 at 03:03:12:

In Reply to: Ok.. here's my problem with it... posted by RugMuncher on February 18, 2001 at 18:05:17:

Ok, dumbass, I guess you don't take all that close a look at things before you open your fuckin' mouth. All the stuff from Dogma on this disc is all the songs from the movie that DIDN'T make it onto the soundtrack. Jackass, read the printed words and not just what's on the picture.

: .. fine.. the "Amy" disc that is floating aroudn here isn't really official. It DID however have Kevin's best wishes attached to it so Brad and Chris made some.

: Now THIS guy... A- Doesn't have Kevin's blessing, B- is using snippets from Amy and Dogma without having secured the rights to them (Brad and Chris were told they could include sinppets), C- All the music from Dogma is avaliable on a real CD, hence more piracy.

: I honestly hope that Kevin has the powers of Sloss give this guy a call and shut him down. He's clearly making money off of an illegal CD, even re-distributing legaly avaliable material.

: Hopefully Sloss will also get ahold of the other franchises that this guy is ripping off, he (the site guy) could be looking at never making a nother penny is his life due to lawsuits filed by over half a dozen movie and music companies that spend more $$$ on pens in a year than this guy will make in 10 years.

: RugMuncher
: .. I hope he fries ..

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