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Posted by Lord Nikon at on February 18, 2001 at 20:20:04:

Ok, I totally understood where Jason was coming from when he was speaking about the Oscars. He is saying that it is not needed to be patted on the back by hollywood, however it WOULD be really nice to see Cameron Crowe get his due praise for making an amazing movie such as Almost Famous. I saw Almost Famous at the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival, and thought it was one of the best movies that was screened! I then walked outside of the Manulife centre(Which is where it screened, at the Varsity Cinema's) and there was Jason, walking down the street just enjoying the day. That was great, here in Toronto where we don't PERSECUTE stars of movies or television. For they are just like you and me, and are doing their job, albeit in the public eye, but SO WHAT! I feel that he was expressing his feelings on the fact that it would be nice to see the director, who is only recognized usually if he hogs the spotlight(which Cameron doesn't) be recognized. For Jason, the praise comes in the fact that people went to see the movie, and enjoyed it.

For those of you around here who aren't grown up enough to act like adults at this board. You know who you are, spouting obscenities at others, and being incredibly childish.....GROW UP! I don't think that this is a forum for you to come to and lose your temper with others about miniscule arguments. Are the people who do this 16? Do mommy and daddy not let you out to play much? I realize that I can be sarcastic with the best of them when it comes to this, but when personal attacks take place, it just annoys the heck out of me. These are the idiots who would walk up to you at a bar and offer to knock the shit out of you because they thought you were looking at them wrong....morons, these are the kind of morons that end up pissing people off their whole lives, in some vain attempt to be clever or better than the other guy. eg. "Oh, I am telling Jason Lee off, I am so cool, calling him an egomaniac and such". I thought this was an intelligent wwwboard. Tearing strips off others(and I am referring to more than just to the stars, others are always being insulted)is a moronic pastime. Get a friggin day job, A$$!!

I guess I just felt like voicing my opinion. The people who have nothing better to do than post slanderous remarks. Go do something else with your life.

Didn't your mother ever tell you that if you make a face like that, your face will stay that way.

Lord Nikon
(photographic memory, it's a curse)

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