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Posted by Douglas Fir at on February 18, 2001 at 12:46:07:

In Reply to: Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back questions(spoilers? posted by Beavis on February 18, 2001 at 11:53:38:

: 1: How long after Dogma does it take place?

Okay originally it was supposed to be about a year later but at V2K someone asked if Bethany's baby will have been born in the new film... to which Kevin replied no and changed the answer to JASBSB takes place less than 9 months after Dogma!!!

: 2: How many/which actors play multiple return roles, cuz I heard from one source that Ben plays Shannen Hamilton and Holden McNeil and then I heard a different report that Jason Lee plays both Brodie Bruce and Banky Edwards. Is this true in both cases?

Lee IS playing Brodie and Banky. Ben is playing Holden but I don't think he's playing Shannon - he is also rumored to be playing himslef in the Good Will Hunting 2 gag (Affleck, Damon and Van Sant discussing making the sequel because they need the money!!!). Also Matt, as just mentioned, is playing himself as well as two other characters. It is also interesting that Mosier is playing Willam and the guy he played in Chasing Amy (the one who comments on Banky being a tracer).

: 3: Are we gonna see all 3 of the Jones sisters together?

Doubtful because there has been no mention of Heather Jones from Clerks making an appearance but we may see Trisha and Alyssa together with a bit of luck!!!

: 4: Is the august release date definite?

I think so - the fact that in all press releases this date is mentioned over and over I think they're pretty much stuck to it and from all accounts the production is going smoothly with no delays... so roll on August!!!

Paul :)

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