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Posted by Bruce The Shark at on February 18, 2001 at 06:56:10:

In Reply to: I gotta know Bruce..which 1 don't you like? -nt- posted by captaincranium on February 18, 2001 at 05:04:33:

"Didn't like" perhaps was too strong. I am a blasphemer..I didn't think Dogma was that great.

The reasoning is this:
1. I don't like Matt Damon. I needed Lee to play Loki.
2. Too much seemed cut.
3. Linda Fiorintino..argh.(SP on her name)
4. Carlin underused.
5. I hate Alanis Morrisette(Again with the spelling..)

In general, I am a fan of broad comedy...Mallrats was my fave. Actually, I really couldn't choose between that and Clerks...I couldn't live without Clerks, so I guess Clerks deserves the nod.

Amy was good, but I get bored with it towards the end.

Overall, if you take a look at my dislikes for Amy and Dogma, the issue is that I prefer verbal comedy or slapstick to 'Real' films with messages.

Amy is a great film, and I love it in spite of the fact it isn't "ROFLMAO" funny(Save for Lee) has great comedic moments...these are fewer and far between in Dogma, and it can feel 'preachy' and methodical.

In the context of Smith films, I don't enjoy Dogma, and have no desire to see any of its characters again, unlike the others.(Save for Jay and Bob).

But..Dogma is STILL preferable to many other film that are out there. I watch my DVD occasionally, laugh at Rock..and uhm..well, laugh at Rock again when I scan back again.

The end is also a bloat and odd.

I realize many consider Dogma a fave , and I respect that. As a stand-alone film, I would love it..but when I look at it with the others, the laughs seem missing.

Everyone has a different favorite flavor of a milkshake...Choc, vanilla, Strawberry, or whatever. I don't overy critique Chocalate shakes, I just oprder them less than the rest.

Hence, I may not love Dogma, but I just watch it far less. essense, no offense if it is your fave of them all. That's cool.

Sorry..I am the master of long, meandering posts that could be easily said in a few sentences.

Must be the Vicodin.
: :
: : Hey, I have read all the moronic Smith bashers at AICN, and other sites, and to be honest, it can be a nice change of pace from some of the obssesive ass-kissing done here..not that it is not IS the Kevin Smith site. Even I come here to asskiss and yell out how much I love all of Smith's films(Even the one I don't like,LOL..).

: : Now, in two parts....

: : First, let these people go. Even Kev knows he is not a very visual director(Yet...but J&SBSB seems to be rectifying that..perchance making the argument that the lack of depth was NEVER kevin's fault in the first place!)

: : These people will never direct a movie, have a loyal fan base, a web-site, do meet and greets with the rich and famous, write thier fave comic books, etc.

: : So let them lash out. It is kind of sad, really. Kevin is living his dream..I'm sure he could give two quarts of rat's piss if some geek doesn't like his films.

: : The All-Time top rental history and his popularity speak for themselves.

: : On Superman....

: : They didn't like Kevin's take because it made the tragic error of having words that some might not understand due to sub-standard education, and it was also a rather smart script..and good.

: : Hollywood isn't used to that.

: : Cage would have been a joke, but other than that....
: : (Start the "Jason Lee for Superman" chants now..)

: : Anyway, the film, as written, just would have been too good to compete with far superior excercises such as Supes 2,3, and 4..or any of the Batman films, save for the first.

: : Anyone who is FAIR will tell you Kevin wrote a great script.

: : Anyone who judges Kevin by the fact they hate mallrats is gasping for air and circling the damn drain.

: :
: : Do you kill every ant you see?
: : I don' let these idios go.

: : : I just recently went to and went into the coming soon forums into a Superman forum. a name of one topic in there was anti-askew. i almost shitted my pants reading what all these people were saying about Kevin Smith and all his movies. they hated his movies and his SM lives script. only one person went on there and defended smith. and sadly it wasn't me, i lost my password so i can't post there. what he said was that all the dumbasses that were saying all that were all stupid WB asses that just want to "protect" there fucking franchise. and really, after SM 3 and 4, we're sadly not gonna see another one for a while. just wanted to fill you guys in on this.

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