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Posted by Bruce The Shark at on February 18, 2001 at 03:51:10:

In Reply to: Remnants of my Suncoast days... posted by thx3188 on February 18, 2001 at 01:50:41:

I admire your dedication, but then why did Suncoast have them out here???

Also, I bought 3 lesser known films at Suncoast video stores. Two in LV, one in CA.


I don't get it.

As for Wal-Mart, and reading what you did(Well, Suncoast), I will rethink my shopping at Suncoast. Some stores do NOT knowingly break street.

When I lived in Vegas, the palletes would come in and they would place all of the boxes in the appropo dept.
During the night, the boxes would be moved to the back room if there was already stock, or it was not street date.

However, I'd always see a group I called "The Usuals" at every Wal-Mart on any given night, opening boxes on plattes and helping themsleves.

I did it, and got Gladiator 2 weeks early, and the list goes on. I always got my movies(The real mainstream ones) at least a weak early.

I would grab the DVD, pay for it up front, and then is that the company's fault???

Sometimes you have to blame the customer.

: We used to bust stores left and right for breaking street date, if only for the satisfaction of seeing Wal-Mart fined $5,000 a pop for the 6 DVDs we bought and then seeing the reports in the weekly film magazines the store got of how Blockbuster couldn't get certain movies until after street date because of something we took part in.

: Now it's just a budding curiosity of how many places do this even though they know there's semi-serious repercussions if they get caught.

: I haven't busted anyone for it since I quit Suncoast, and the pigfucker remark was a bit harsh on my behalf (Also remnants of my video store days. I was so loyal to the company that certain things still piss me off sometimes. Like breaking street date.). I take that part back. I still want to know where you guys are finding these, though, because I kind of want one.

: thx3188
: My two friends bought the only copies at EB, and I wasn't about to pay 10 bucks more at Record Town.

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