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Posted by Ezekial24 at 2cust160.tnt4.syd2.da.uu.net on February 17, 2001 at 22:14:21:

In Reply to: Dogma Hate Mail posted by Israfel on February 17, 2001 at 19:25:48:

I am a Christian.

Jack T Chick's comics say that before Catholic people die they see demons coming to drag them into hell. (read the downloadable comic 'Alberto' at http://www.chick.com)

He also says the Catholci papacy is corrupt which I fully agree to.

BUT saying that your average Catholic woman is going to hell is fearmongering and BS.

I mean look how many churches there are out there, which one is fully right? That's why I personally believe if you get the concept of believing in Jesus to save you etc it doesn't matter which church you attend (as long as it's not Mormon or Jehovah's witness, or any cult) because you did your best.

*Disclaimer: To any Mormons, JW's etc I'm not getting into a theological debate, my argument is meant that whatever blessed trinity church you go to its ok ... since Mormons, JW's, and some other cults deny the trinity or put their own spin on it, hence their rituals are defunct*

Jack T Chick should think before he publishes stuff, God is gonna Judge Him Sooooooo Bad ... yet he is a believer so he will go to heaven :)

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