Answer to Captain Cranium, and Early Clerks DVD..

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Posted by Bruce The Shark at on February 16, 2001 at 07:08:35:

"Just curious, being that you are obviously well read in the Fletch series. Do you agree with Kev that Chevy Chase's Fletch was not as well done as it could have been?"

Yes. I haven't read Kevin's take, but I LOVE the film..but it isn't the same 'Fletch' featured in the book. Also, a good mystery with SOME comical elements was turned into a comedy, a flat out comedy with SOME serious overtones..but those are just seemingly set-ups for the fake I.D.'s and jokes.

I realize you cannot make a book directly into a film, and as I said, I am happy with both...I even liked "Fletch Lives", and that NEVER would be a McDonald novel.

I think Kevin will take the "Serious" elements, keep them, add some kick, and let his trademark dialogue propel the 'Humour' of the film.

I have a really good vibe that while Kevin obviously can't "Film the book", his take will be as close as possible while keeping it funny and real.

Just my opinion.

On the posts about the Clerks DVD...I saw it yesterday, and when I went back, SunCoast removed it. The girl told me the story..they had them out, and one A-hole bought two copies, then asked to speak to the manager. He had a friend with him, and he gave the friend a copy..they both were high-fiving, and idiot boy then told the manager they broke street date and told him that if he didn't refund the cash, AND let them keep the DVDs, he was going to xerox the receipt and send it in to the studio.

It didn't work.

The two were bounced from the mall, and now this Suncoast is double checking EVRYTHING.

I'd like to say a big "Thanks" to these azzholes.
I mean, you got your DVD, be happy..don't get greedy and try and screw anyone. If they get fined, we shoppers will end up paying for it..$1 more per DVD,I'd guess.

In related,am I pissed.
I called Tower..well, a few of them...they were ALL selling I called the enarest one(ONE HOUR AND 15 MINUTES AWAY)...and the guy said they had 10 left, $30, and he was holding one for me.He told me to hurry. I got there, and then the azzhole says he can't sell it till Tuesday. And he smirks.

If I wasn't on Probation, I SWEAR I would have waited for him(It was 5 minutes till close) and kicked the crap out of him...
I drove over an hour...was ready to pay a NON sale price...was told it was waiting for me...

Well, I can understand if maybe his manager told him he couldn't sell it, whatever..but an apology would have been nice...I wouldn't want anyone to get fired over a DVD coming out on Tuesday. I think this guy, by his attitude, was a Smith-Fan hater, or perhaps, one of the more cynical bastards that post here...hording copies for those deemed 'Cool'.


Only a wife and the threat of jail made sure this cat's face was still attached to his head.

Anyway, I'm over that now...
(Not really...)

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