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Posted by Andrew Woomer at on February 22, 2001 at 00:30:28:

In Reply to: Cartoon "Clerks" vs. Askewniverse posted by GuruAskew on February 22, 2001 at 00:10:27:

: "Clerks (The Cartoon)" doesn't exist within the rest of the Askewniverse because of it's wacky nature. Kevin said so himself. So don't worry about it.

: : Just a little thought I had while trying to study for a psychology exam. However, this thought runs on assumptions and they could be wrong. Correct me if they are, it'd be much appreciated.

: : If the Clerks animated movie is going to be about Randal and Dante making a black and white movie about their wacky, zany misadventures in Quik Stop, what about Holden and Banky's star making comic "37"? If Kevin does the deal where the plot of movie Dante and Randal make is essentially the real world "Clerks" movie, then that kind of clashes with the comic book, doesn't it? I mean, Banky and Holden's comic was about their adventures at Food City and obviously had some parallels to "our" movie of Clerks (some significance of 37 & the guidance counselor). It seems like the comic and the movie would be very similar.

: : But, the guidance counselor phenomenon was spread throughout the Tri-Town area. And instead of Caitlin fucking a dead guy in the bathroom, Banky fucked the manager's daughter on the milk-room floor. So maybe the trials and tribulations themselves of clerks at both Food City and Quik Stop are just similar anyway. I know I lived Randal's life when I worked at a shitty video store. Oh, well. I just noticed the similarities and it's something to think about while I wait for J&SBSB.

: :
: : Woomer

: : "Who is driving?!? Oh my God, Bear is driving!! How can that be?!"

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