Highlander: Endgame...the debate continues now...

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Posted by Beavis at maxtnt01-sdf-210.fast.net on February 21, 2001 at 08:45:12:

In Reply to: highlander endgame posted by Bub on February 20, 2001 at 22:35:22:

..on THIS forum! Well, being the biggest fan of Highlander on this side of the Atlantic, if not the world, and by far the most knowledgeable Highlander person on this board(no offense), I have to put in my 2 cents. For those of you who don't know how the Highlander "willing-suspension-of-disbelief" game works, here's the story. Highlander 2 is no longer cannon, hasn't been since shortly after it was released, because it just flat out sucks.The 1st movie, The Series and The Raven ARE cannon, the flashback sequences in Highlander 3 are the only part of that movie that still fit in to the actual full storyline, and Endgame is cannon, and quite possibly the last time we will ever see Christopher Lambert playing Connor MacLeod again. At the end of the 1st movie, Connor did NOT recieve THE PRIZE, Kurgan's quickening was just so overpowering that Connor mistook it for The Prize. The 1994 scenes in Highlander 3 and all of Highlander 2 can be considered dreams that Connor had while he was comotose over the 10 years he was in The Sanctuary. There will be at least 2 more Highlander movies, Davis/Panzer productions has a contract with Dimension films for 2 more, and Adrian Paul has already signed for the next one. When we'll see them is still anyone's guess though.

Now, to answer the question posted as to what I would have done differently, I would've included all the flashback scenes from Highlander 3, more scenes from the 1st movie, scenes from the 1st episode of the series that both Christopher and Adrian were in, and tied all of that together so more people could understand Highlander and get into it with a better understanding of what is TRULY part of the ACCEPTED story and what is to be ignored because it's just fuckin' stupid. No other franchise does this dumbass shit about disavowing the last sequel in the story everytime a new one comes out, hell, even the Freddy and Jason movies have a more solid sequel to sequel storyline than Highlander. But, who am I to really say in the end after all, I'm just a humble fan.


: hey kevin or whoever wants to respond, what did you think of the new highlander movie just released to video and what would you have done to change it?

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