The confession of a pirated Dogma bootleg watcher

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Posted by Quick~Stop at on February 21, 2001 at 08:40:39:

To Kevin, the cast of Dogma, and the View Askew crew,

I am so, so sorry, but after months and months of waiting for Dogma (months after US release), I finally got the chance to see it in a cinema, the only one in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia that had it.

I have posted about that on the board a long time ago-it was the Bethany:"What gear are you in?"
scene, when the power went out in five suburbs, cutting off all of the films playing.

I know I should have just come back and seen it another day, but a guy I know offered to lend me a pirate bootleg VCD copy of Dogma.
It was like dangling money in front of a penniless guy.

Even though the sound was crappy and the video was fuzzy, I watched it.
I really wish I had gone and watched the cinema version in Dolby, like movies are intended.

I also wish I could give you a lead on where it came from, since the guy was too stupid to know how to bootleg, but I don't remember finding anything significant to find the guys who did it.

If it counts for anything, I *did* rent Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy many times on VHS, and really look forward to J&SBSB next year **IN** the cinema (in Australia most likely 6 months afterwards.) and I love the films so much I plan to get the DVDs too.(I just got a DVD player I saved ages for.)

I really hate the fact that I got to see your hard work and be entertained, and I didn't pay one cent for the great movie.

My sincerest apologies.

Sam Fergusson

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