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Posted by thebiggerboat at on February 21, 2001 at 05:52:30:

In Reply to: Clerks 2: Hardly Clerkin' posted by Ezekial24 on February 21, 2001 at 05:14:27:

: Hey,

: Does anyone know why JASBSB will be the last film from ViewAskew? and why Clerks 2 isn't going to be made?

From posts on the board and other interviews/columns (AICN/Psycomic) and other things, I believe this is the end because Kevin concluded that things may end up being strung too far (as far as the Askewniverse goes) with more and more films being interlaced with/paying homage to the other flicks and things of that sort. Just my interpretation though. It closes the Jersey Chronicles with many of the previous characters in it and negates the characters/ideas being burnt out if you will.

Also Kevin (or one of the other reds) said on one commentary that they believe they have sort of been doing sequels since Clerks so Clerks 2 (colourized or whatever) and Mallrats - Diehard in a Mall are not needed as a flick, MR2 - Diehard... will be done as a comic and there have been the Clerks comics so there will be no movie done or needed. I think I have written all that down right but if not someone correct me.

: In the summaries I only found this snipet of an explanation:

: Will there be more adventures of Dante and Randal?
: "Besides the movie, there have been several comic books and the Clerks cartoon. Kevin has also stated that Dante and Randal will return in the next (and final) Askewniverse flick."

I think there is a bit more on the subject but I couldn't point out where right now.

: The only reason I can gather is that now Kevin is a full family man he either wants out of working, or wants to improve his image from cult director to an eventual scorcese status?

Not that I've heard. Just him wanting to go for different stuff.

: Ofcourse I'm speculating, But I've heard off other Askew fans that they felt Mallrats & Dogma weren't quite up to par with Chasing Amy and Clerks due to the heavy comical involvement of Jay & Silent Bob. I've also heard that people want a Clerks in color, since this won't happen (nor would we want a colorization) it would have been cool to have Clerks 2 in color.

: And if JASBSB is the last film, shouldn't kev make a true final, a jedi? (star wars, empire strikes back, jedi ... if JASBSB can't they Return ala Jedi style?)

This has been thrashed out alot on older boards, take a look back. However I don't think it was ever resolved. Don't start this thing again if you weren't here for it before. Long threads with alot of speculation and not much conclusive if I remember right.

: Hope there's some answers out there because I didn't find any in the summaries.

Take another look, it's all there and at other sites Kevin did interviews on.

: Gracias

''s only an island if you look at it from the water...'

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