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Posted by Darth Dobbin at on January 19, 2001 at 10:15:07:

In Reply to: FUCK KEV NOT ANOTHER ONE! posted by Redfive on January 19, 2001 at 02:28:21:

Thats right you wont get your ass kissed around here because me,myself and i THINK SOME OF YOUR CASTING CHOICES SUCK!

It's good to know the three of you are on the case. I'm especially moved by your subtle e.e. cummings nod. Good show, old chap. "i" indeed. Well played.

I think that by the level of wit (Vander-fuck...HAW!!), intelligence, and out and out moxie you've shown in posting your opinion, that Kevin, Miramax, and the crew will have to re-shoot the footage thus far with less "trendy," more "hardcore" actors. (How about Bruce Campbell? Yeah! Rock!)

It's a good thing you gave them this important wake-up call early into the production. If not for your nimble mind, keen insight, and ever-aware finger firmly on the pulse of the entertainment industry, WHO KNOWS what horrible disaster may have occured?

I salute you. Bravo.

Y'know, unless Kevin has gone all Ziggy Stardust on us, and crawled up into his mind, I think it's a safe bet he has a better handle on how the movie should be handled, and how it's going to turn out.

They are called chill pills, Phil. Pop 'em.

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