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Posted by Neil at term4-216-231-033-094.speakeasy.net on January 19, 2001 at 02:20:01:

In Reply to: Could Kevin have the balls to kill of Jay or Bob? posted by Orac on January 18, 2001 at 22:16:49:

COULD he have THE BALLS to do it? Sure. WILL he? I doubt it.

: If this is the finally VA movie could kevin kill of Jay, Bob or both of them?

He COULD do it anyway.

: How would you feel if Kevin did kill of one of the main guys?

It'd depend on how it was done.

: I kinda, if this is really the last, could handle seeing it.

Glad to here it.

: Like Danta I love down endings.

Is Danta some new pop singer?

: I love Empire the most cause its such a NON Hollywood ending.

As opposed to Robots and Foundation? Interesting.

: Like one of the best TV show ends I know is that last show of Quantum Leap cause it doesnt give you the happy "Sam returns home" ending.

Yeah, or like the "Gilligan's Island" reunion movies where they mysteriously end up at the island again. Man, good drama rules.

I would love to see Kevin give us a ending that would shock the hell out of us! Maybe if a main guy does not die but what if he gives us a BIG cliffhanger. A cliffhanger that would give Han Frozen a run of its money.

The difference between a non-Hollywood ending a cliffhanger is so big, you could pull the second Death Star through.

Besides that. RETURN OF THE JEDI answered the questions left by THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (not especially well, but that's another story). Lucas et al knew they were following up EMPIRE. Kevin knows he's not following up J&SBSB.

: Speak of Empire. If your one of those younger cats that did not see Empire at the Theaters then you have no idea what it was like to see Empire and have to watch 3 years for JEDI! Video can't leave you hanging like that!

Sure it can. The medium doesn't define that. The videos were simply released at the same time, so there no issue.

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