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Posted by RolindaHaye at on January 18, 2001 at 22:22:01:

In Reply to: Smoking posted by TangoMania on January 17, 2001 at 20:37:10:

Oh my God. You're smoking because you saw it in a movie!?! I mean, if you want to smoke weed because you like the buzz or it relaxes you or you just need something to break up the monontony of your unemployed, tv-watching, over-eating day, fine, but you're smoking BECAUSE YOU SAW IT IN A MOVIE?!? Please, please go out and rent "Faces of Death", rent triple penetration gay porn, rent that movie where all the football players lay down in the middle of the street. Please tell me this post is a joke because I refuse to believe that anyone is that goddamned impressionable. And a pox on your head for forcing me to break my here-to-fore flame-free record of posting (infrequent thought it may be.)

: Hello, I have recently started smoking due to Kevin Smith's movies. Not cigarettes, but weed. What brand is best? I'm not sure where to buy it but my friends give me these bags of shit when I pay them. I think it's bad weed because I light it on fire and it doesn't do much. I put a leaf at the end of a cigarette and it doesn't do anything. Help me.

: -=Scott=-

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