killing two morons with one stone

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Posted by Chris_Revier at on January 18, 2001 at 15:34:00:

In Reply to: Re: spelling errors posted by Blind Murdock on January 18, 2001 at 15:27:29:

there is no point in arguing with Lynch. Lets get to the facts, Comicboy can't spell, Lynch picked on you for it, big fucking deal, its not like your in some exclusive club, get over it. And Murdock is a newbie who seemingly just started posting today and has no idea who Lynch is, so he just assumes he is some huge ,Mewes masturbating asshole who's name is mistakingly in red or something. Murdock a bit of advice, hush before you make yourself look even more moronic than you already do, if thats possible...And both of you read the fucking summaries, maybe you'll learn who Lynch actually fucking is!


: : so i made a few spelling errors in my typing and i didnt type out "you" all the way, so fucking what? jesus christ everytime i see someone who makes a type-o or fucking types u instead of you im not gonna fucking bash them. i know plenty of people who abbreviate their scentences while online because its faster and ive gotten used to it. does it mean that when im writing with a pencil and a paper i write this way? no. now ive got a bunch of fuckin jay wannabes trying to flame my ass or something. hey u must pride yourself in your infinite fucking maturity and go to bed at night praising yourself for how much better u can type than me. fuck you. go outside and get a fucking life.

: its ok man hes a pussy anyway. He probably masterbates to a picture of mewes a night hes not worth it.

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