Important Mallrats question for those in the know

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Posted by CoachPants at on January 18, 2001 at 13:20:01:

I checked the summaries it wasn't in there so... Did Michael Rooker (Svenning) have to shave his ass for the towell dropping scene. I mean, he looks like he'd be a hairy guy, yet his bum is as bald as a baby's. If he did have to shave it, how was he approached about the matter. Did Kevin say "Look Rook, you need to shave your butt. The execs don't like hairy asses." Or did Rooker come to the conclusion that a bare ass is better on his own. PLease answer this as it will keep me up at nights not knowing the answer. And should this question be answered, I believe it should have its own place in the summaries. Thank you.

shaving one's own butt is no easy task

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