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Posted by BrodieGod at on January 17, 2001 at 18:20:12:

In Reply to: Kevin, Can't a brother get a break in this town 2 posted by Ethan Evans-Hilton on January 17, 2001 at 16:36:49:

: Hey there all you regular board posters, fan boys/girls, and general miscreants! Hope the New Year finds you well. Most of you probably donít remember who I am as Iíve only posted once before, defending Kevinís integrity and treatment of us, his ever loviní fans. But believe me, I have been reading the boards daily with my morniní cup of addiction. So in keeping up with the JSBSB news and thí mans weekly Psycomic rants I felt compelled to write again and rally the Vulgar flag to Movesí defense.

: Is it just me or does it seem like Mr. Smith and Co. are having one hell of a time getting this flick made? I mean Iím not in the biz, so hell if I know what it takes to make a movie happen. I just whip out the green for the celluloid and kick back and let my mind get blown. But I am caught up in the corporate machine in my own measly career and have to say I have never seen so much go into the acquisition of a work force. I mean damn, Heather Graham shoots down the role for baffling reasons and yet geek boy Giants like the Immortal Carlin God (and yes, lets all face it, the man is a god) and D. Duchovny wanna jump on board! (Remember George, itís a sin just to Ďwannaí!) I donít get it man. Course this may be an easy thing, meeting and greeting and having to placate these dudes egoís but damned if I could do it. In short I think It would be a hell of a thing, for all the die hard regulars on here that go out of their way to share in this ĎJersey world that Mr. Smith and Mr. Mosier have created for our enjoyment, to band together in some fashion and show these hard working dudes just how much we appreciate the hours and work they put in ultimately for us. Hell man, Iím even willing to organize it, what ever it may be!

: Some of you may be George Carlin fans as well and may remember the bit he did on his classic ĎAM/FMí album about Ed Sulliven and not being able to say thanks for all the great shows Ed put out before the show got canceled. Well I would hate to think of the day when Mr. Smith, Mr. Mosier, Mr. Mewes and Co. fade away into the void of obscurity with out knowing how much we love that voodoo that they So lemme know what you think or tell me to take a flying leap. It wont be the first time. But I think we ought to show Ďem just how much we care.

: Just a thought.

: Ethan

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