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Posted by BrodieGod at ip27.md.dialup.beachin.net on January 17, 2001 at 17:34:22:

In Reply to: For true believers only>>>>>>>>>> posted by JohnnyBlaze on January 17, 2001 at 16:08:37:

...with the new Madman series's coming out their not doing too bad. I agree with you about Marvel though. I like it when it was just Uncanny and regular X-men. It wouldn't be too bad when maybe there was a small crossover(Like Dream's End! That was pretty good, but that's new so scratch it) or a 4 part mini-series about Storm or Cyclops. Now there's Adventures of X-men, Amazing X-men, Classic X-men, Astonishing X-men, The Magna X-men, Professor Xavier and the X-men...I mean how many more X-men comic books can you get? Their gonna run out of pronouns to use and just start locations. X-men trapped in Paradise, X-men goes to disney world...it saddens me. Don't get me wrong their all good, but couldn't they just stick with one or maybe two comics for the X-men?? Other marvel comics like Spiderman and the Punisher are the same. I guess we can't change the past but at least we still got comics while their around. DC on the other hand I can't say anything because I haven't really collected any. But in February that'll change when Green Arrow hit's stores. Can't wait for it. Anywho, is anyone else sick? There's a mad flu going around. 200+ people were absent at my school today. If we would have had a little more we could have gone home. Drats. Stupid 20% rule.

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