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Posted by Fuhqtoo at on January 17, 2001 at 16:36:20:

In Reply to: Stupidity. posted by bbruce on January 16, 2001 at 21:27:18:

: You say you live in a house full of serious gamers, yet you don't know whether a Jay and Silent Bob game exists. Weird. Well, not really, if your idea of "serious gamer" is a 13-year-old kid who 's favorite game is the newest WWF game out at the time, or even Tomb Raider. Wow.

Quite frankly, no, there is no 13 year old living here, and I just said I lived with gamers, not that I am a gamer. I personally cannot get interested in games, usually, but I do occasionally pay a little bit of attention when my husband is playing one of the many blood and gore fests he has around here, especially if the game is amusing or the graphics are really good. I happen to like Jay and Silent Bob as opposed to really being annoyed with most of the games he plays, so I thought is there was a Jay and Silent Bob game, I would get it for him. He doesn't play Tomb Raider or the WWF games, he tends to lean more towards games where you bash someone's head in with a crowbar or blow it off with a machine gun, but I don't care for them myself, so forgove me for having a life outside of games and comic books. I repeat, I am not a gamer, or a comic book fan, or a computer geek, I am just married to one. If I wanted to buy the game (should one exist) for him as a surprise, then it would be as lame as your dick to ask him if there is a Jand SB game, now wouldn't it? And not being a gamer myself, I really wouldn't know about any web site where I might go and find out either.

And you're excuse is sheerly blatant, since sites like
I hope I explained this to you in simple enough terms above...

ship to anywhere in the world.

It's not a matter of shipping it, it's a matter of not living anywhere near a mall or any place that specialises in games, we have Wal Mart and that's it. Since I didn't know this site existed, and I couldn't ask my husband considering I didn't want him to know I was planning to get this game, then I had to ask somewhere, didn't I?
You know, you should really try to get some fiber in your diet and quit being so anal, it's not good for you.
Remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

And there are no asshole answers, just assholes who don't really answer your questions? I refer you to my user name. It reflects my sentiments towards your jerk off behavior completely.
Oh, did it make you feel good to act like such a smartass? I hope so, 'cause it really made you look like someone who is insecure about their dork size or their empty life or something and wanted to take it out on someone who had done nothing to them.Maybe you are from Mississippi? You certainly act like an inbred, unibrow, redneck.

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