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Posted by little worm at on January 17, 2001 at 12:58:53:

In Reply to: Chasing Amy ?/Alyssa's virginity posted by Madeline on January 17, 2001 at 11:54:15:

: I was rewatching Chasing Amy and had a question about the issue of :Alyssa's virginity. In the scene where Holden and Alyssa first meet she :is proving her familiarity with New Jersey and says "lost my virginity :there."
: Then Holden spends a long time believeing that he was the first man :Alyssa was ever with, do you think Holden forgot that comment, shoved it :aside because it would have skewed his picture of Alyssa, or just chalked :it up to a "non-traditional" loss of virginity?

following Alyssa's statement 'lost my virginity there', they have a long conversation in which Alyssa argues that virginity can be lost by other means than penis-play. So Holden assumed that when she said 'lost my virginity' she meant that she lost it by her definition.

: Also, why do you think Alyssa was so careful not to reveal her sexual :experiences to Holden in the scene at the swings? At that point she :wasn't really involved with him, but she was clearly evasive about having :ever been with a man. Anyone have opinions as to why?

I didn't see her as being evasive. The conversation consisted of her correcting Holden's misconceptions of being a lesbian. ...she took the conversation down a tangent, but before they could conclude it, they left the swings.

and i have no idea how i drove myself home last night

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