Review of the Green Arrow preview (minor spoilers)

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Posted by Neil at on January 16, 2001 at 18:39:23:

I read the preview edition of GA #1. I wish it had been the complete issue, but what the heck?

First of all, the art is great. I donít care what anyone else has to say, to my eyes, that is phenomenal portraits of these characters and I want that to be my first statement.

On the characters portrayed. Batman and Superman are spot on, in my opinion, and I love that conversation on the roof of the Daily Planet on Final Night.

Roy, which was almost the biggest test for me, was handled great. I loved the bittersweet quality of his memories and the flashback to Green Arrow & Speedy was wonderful.

Iím ambivalent about her portrayal. At times it came across as a little cloyingly ďfemaleĒ instead of just a character. I might see if my girlfriend has the same reaction. It wasnít unrealistic or out-of-character as much as it was jarringly self-conscious.

Connor was again a little off. Iím sure the people who knew and loved Connor more than me will be able to capture that better than me, so Iíll leave it as an acceptable but slightly off characterization of Connor.

What I liked the most, however, was the overall portrait of Oliver Queen that all of these memories and thoughts put together. I thought Kevin really managed to demonstrate who Ollie was as a man and show it through the eyes of those who knew him. Thatís very good writing and a good sign of things to come.

How close he can make his portrayals of Dinah and Connor probably donít matter a lot if heís not using them regularly, and Iím sure our critiques Ė if they remain polite and constructive Ė can only help guide him to a future where they match closer to what we imagineÖ or heíll disagree and write it the way it pleases him, whatever.

I think itís an intriguing and very promising start to the new series and Iím, if anything, even more excited to see what lies aheadÖ and, in the end, what else matters for a serialized story?

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