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Posted by thebiggerboat at on January 20, 2001 at 06:12:04:

In Reply to: 'Dogma' Special Edition. posted by Wilemina on January 20, 2001 at 05:15:15:

Vincent posted these a while ago (They have been cut from old boards so they are as he wrote them)...

***Hopefully it's for a stupid technical reason i.e. the pressing plant being overburdened and not able to fullfill the orders from Columbia Tri-Star in time, which would be a very short delay and wouldn't cause any changes in the DVD.***

This was the more recent, about two or three boards later, saying there are reasons the disk is getting pushed, but they aren't getting revealed just yet...

***The May date was never even close to being set in stone- we knew that one would be damn near impossible to make, so Columbia Tri-Star decided to release the bare-bones DVD and set a "target" dateof sometime in October, HOWEVER NOTHING WAS ANNOUNCED. We said here that we were shooting for October but never gave that as a firm date- it was a target date. If you tried to order the S.E. DVD IN October, you wouldn't have been able to do so, BECAUSE IT HADN'T EVEN BEEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED. January was ultimately decided to be the best date, and that's the date that was set. Now, that date- THE ONLY DATE THAT WAS EVER OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED AND THE ONLY DATE EVER LISTED ON ANY ON-LINE DVD SITES FOR MAIL ORDER- has been pushed back for really annoying reasons that I can't go into yet, but I'd really love to (don't ask, 'cause I'm not saying).***

The disk isn't getting indefinately held, just held. Hope this helps...

'...it's only an island if you look at it from the water...'

: Someone has told me that the 'Dogma' Special Edition has been postponed indefinitely. What the hell is all that about???

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