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Posted by Lucifer Lyndon Razoodock at on January 20, 2001 at 00:42:31:

In Reply to: End of the first week of shooting posted by Kevin on January 19, 2001 at 23:33:52:

: Mewes is at the top of his game - better than he was in 'Dogma' (which I've felt was his career highlight, until recently).

While there's been a fair amount of speculation on-board as to what Kevin would write for Jay & Bob (jay, in particular) to do in the new flick that we haven't seen before, I've remained reflexively (though optimistically) fatalistic about what remains to be seen in "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back."

While Jay & Silent Bob have never really been, how shall I say this, my favorite aspect of the whole ViewAskew saga, in following Kevin's enthusiasm for what he continues to see from Mewes, I've begun to get a bit curious about what he's written for the Jason's last appearance as Jay.

Unless I miss my guess, Kev. seems to have developed Jay to the point where he comes off as charismatic to the point of accessability and yet still express himself as vulgarly as he wants...perhaps to somehow capture the shades of the real Jason in his two-dimensional portrait.

Around the time of "Amy," I was wondering why Kev. continued to keep Mewes around. After "DOGMA," however, I've started to get the idea that Jason Mewes is someone whom Kevin has been genuinely impressed for the advances he's made in his personal life. I don't just mean the party scene there either, but for every other fringe benefit that comes with maturity.

What do I want to see in "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back?" I want to see, in addition to the "little sonic boom with dirt on it" that we've come to expect, Jason get the chance to do all the fun, subtle bits usually reserved for Affleck or Lee. Obviously, I don't expect "J&SBSB" to approach any of the heavy drama of "Chasing Amy," but the new film could cobble together (tone-wise) all the best stuff from "Mallrats" and the first forty minutes of "Amy" and still work in some serious thesp-fodder for front-man, Jay, while still keeping the dick and fart jokes flying fast and furious.

Especially if Jay is going to find love. I don't mean his love for Bobby either. I mean real Holden/Alyssa, Brodie/T.S., Brodie/comics, Holden/Banky type love. In other words, I finally want to see Jay as a Kevin Smith hero finding love with a real woman. The possibilities are suddenly very cool. Could Jay be the next...Ducky?

: I don't know. I know I'm waxing a bit hyberolic here, but I've got a really good feeling about this one.

Yeah, so am I all of a sudden.


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