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Posted by Ihatemainstream at on July 19, 2000 at 12:29:54:

In Reply to: Ilovecypher posted by BrianLynch on July 19, 2000 at 12:24:05:

: : Worst hero- Cypher

: Are you a complete and utter tool? Cypher had the ability to automatically be able to speak ANY langauge, be it French or Spanish or Alien or whatever. That is one of the greatest powers known to man. Those bastards at Marvel shot and killed him, too. If I get my way that mofo's gonna make a comeback.

: I was pissed he wasn't in the movie, but then it woulda been too easy for the heroes, what with Cypher knowing how to speak every langauge and all.

: Either way, when I worked in a comic store (not the stash, no) he was my favorite, next to Blue Beetle. I'm campaigning to play him in the sequel. As long as Vin is Warlock.

Your insane Brian! It is too early in the day to trip! Cypher- COOL?! Arcade could have whipped his ass in a fight! Cypher is just the witty remarks of Spiderman in all languages without the spider powers! And Warlock was cool! (Although I think Nightcrawler was cooler). And Brian- would you be better cast as Pyro (you do actually sort of look like him, and im betting you like to play with fire as much as he does)!

Snootch to the nootch Brian- it's all in good fun!

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