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Posted by Ihatemainstream at on July 19, 2000 at 11:01:36:

In Reply to: JCVD as Gambit is the front runner posted by Epac2k on July 19, 2000 at 10:24:48:

: I dunno if anyone has heard this, but several magazine sources and online movie insider sites have noted that the front runner for Gambit in the sequel is Jean Claude Van Damme. I dont think this would work b/c he's not cajun. An unknown would be good, but dammit, he has to say "chere" and mon ami! And he cant say "that" he has to say "dat", lol. Anal retentive,eh?

I completely agree- it wouldnt be Gambit without that little detail.

: I think either Laurence Fishburne(Morpheus from the Matrix) or Samuel L Jackson would be a real good Bishop. Arnold as Colossus would be perfect, and Lucy Liu from Ally McBeal would be a badass Psylocke. She can definetly o martial arts, if you saw Shanghai Noon, youd know.

Fishburne is perfect for Bishop because he is better for being a cryptic badass from the future than wise-cracking bad-ass from the ghetto Jackson. (By the way peeps- I saw the Matrix and I dont know what you peeps think but i thought it was awesome- im looking forward to the second and third movie, both coming out in December or there-abouts). Personally I don't think Lucy Liu is hot enough to play Psylocke, and besides if they bring in Psylocke they MUST bring in Archangel. Although- if they bring in Archangel mayhap the will bring in the second most bad-ass X-Men villian of all- Apocalypse (second only to Magneto himself, i mean, common, he tore Apoc. in half in X-Men: Omega). AND FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE- NEXT MOVIE BRING IN THE ALMIGHTY WISE-CRACKING KURT WAGNER AKA NIGHTCRAWLER!

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